Our Communities

Giving Local, Enriching Lives

Since 1946, Lithia has been dedicated to making the communities we serve better places to live, work and play. We feel it’s vitally important that our contributions make a significant impact and enrich the communities where we do business.

Understanding that each region is unique, Lithia encourages stores to decide on which causes they want to support in their areas.

As a result, we have a vast variety of causes supported, including nonprofits for health, children, families, community events, education, seniors, veterans, athletic programs, animals and public safety.

Many of our stores have ongoing relationships with the nonprofits that matter most to them. Their commitment runs deep and goes beyond just writing a check. They are often advocating for their causes throughout the year, holding events and offering volunteers.

Stores hold food drives or collect winter clothing for kids. Every holiday season Lithia headquarters partners with ACCESS Food Drive to donate complete Thanksgiving meals for less fortunate families in the community. Employees donate the food in droves and also volunteer to build the bags. Over the last five years, we have donated more than 300 complete meals for our friends and neighbors.

Through the Lithia 4 Kids initiative, we focus our corporate giving on organizations that make a difference in young people’s lives, prioritizing programs that “Educate, Advocate, Support and Strengthen.” We believe successful, confident children will create the best future for our communities, and we are honored to offer them opportunities that may have otherwise not been available to them.

At Lithia Motors, our community engagement is some of the most meaningful and rewarding work we do. We are proud to see our dealerships making a difference daily by supporting the local causes that matter most to them and nurturing relationships throughout the year.

  • " Over 70% of Lithia Senior Executives serve on nonprofit boards "